30 Mar

There’s No “Untreatable” Heart Block with Laser Angioplasty | Dr. A B Gopalamurugan

In the cardiovascular treatment, laser angioplasty emerges as a groundbreaking procedure, significantly altering the landscape of heart disease management. Traditional angioplasty, which involves using a balloon to dilate clogged arteries, has been a cornerstone in treating coronary artery disease. However, the advent of laser angioplasty has introduced a novel approach by utilizing laser technology to […]

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29 Jun

Sudden Cardiac Death

Heart disease can manifest through many symptoms such as cheap pain, shortness of breadth, palpitations, swelling of legs or even lack of energy. These symptoms can prompt the patient to get medical advice and thereby get appropriate treatment. However one cardiac symptom is ‘Sudden Cardiac Death’ which usually can only be prevented in the majority […]

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